The Sleeper Wakes
Sleeper, finale

Campaign Date: 8th November

After a long wait to start another extended rest, Mignola’s Marauders finally feel recovered suitably after the difficult fight with the aberrant horrors to proceed down through the tunnel under the wrecking ball eye.

After a long walk through a passageway carved through a pure seam of the weird dreamstone rock that has been seen throughout the tomb complex the party feel disorientated and confused. Chanting voices get louder as they proceed until finally they reach the end of the tunnel where a set of stairs leading upwards are carved. In the room at the top of them VolkanthVolkanth chants the final lines of the rite to wake the Sleeper and calls the blood rain down from the face in the ceiling of the chamber.

The party are able to look into the room without being noticed and find the remainder of the cult gathered together there. Volkanth is at the centre of the chamber in front of an altar that holds the bones of Sir Malagant, onto which he is carving runes with the Fiend’s Horn. Spread throughout the room are a dozen figures. Some are simply human thralls of the cult, but others are clearly of the Far Realm. Four Foulspawn Berserkers and a pair of Foulspawn Seers gibber and moan in the room, but the true horror is behind Volkanth – a Kaorti Skybleeder.

Unusually for them the party spend time formulating a plan and buffing themselves in readiness. Mord teleports into the room and throws a Fireball at the creatures, taking out a couple of the human minions as well as hitting Volkanth, one of the Foulspawn Seers and two of the Foulspawn Berserkers. One of the unexpected effects of this attack is that the party learn of the Foulspawn Seer’s ability to teleport away from a successful attack as an immediate interrupt.

Most of the rest of the party make the most of their surprise action and move into the room, although Tilly has to delay from her initiative 32 down to Mignola’s 12 in order for him to allow her to move as well as attack.

After a few rounds Volkanth calls the Blood Rain from the face in the ceiling and lets it run down onto the body of the Sleeper that is in the sarcophagus in the centre of the room and the vestigial twin that grows from the corpse starts to twitch and come to life.

The battle is hard fought and lasts for more than 10 rounds, with every party member becoming bloodied at some point and Mord even going unconscious twice, but eventually the party kill Volkanth and mop up the irritating remaining Foulspawn Seers to destroy the partially re-born Sleeper and rescue the remains of Sir Malagant.

After an extended rest and with six hours remaining until the deadline to return the relics to Sister Naenia at the agreed hilltop meeting place, the party make their way out of the Sleeper’s Tomb.

However, as the Marauders emerge into the fading twilight of the autumn evening they see two exhausted humans in monastic robes stagger from the cover of the forest towards them. With the sound of moaning zombies emerge from the trees and shamble after the desperate pair. One of the people stumbles and falls and the other is obviously too tired to carry them. If the party don’t act quickly the zombies will be on them in a few moments…


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